Saturday 10/17/15


10RM Back Squat
aim to hit near 55-60%
if that feels easy increase by 10lbs
rest 1:30 between attempts

Brando/ Jill/ Jeremy
20:00 Alternating EMOM
a) 40/30 double unders
b) 6 squat cleans 135/185 (4 @ 115 Jill)

20 yds high bar
20 yards low bar
(low handles on the way back, no weight)
alternate so everyone gets rest.

50 russian twists 20/14
then accumulate 1:30 in an OHS with 75/55


One thought on “Saturday 10/17/15

  1. 10RM 260 lbs

    20 Min Alternating EMOM
    Hurt a lot

    Prowler Push
    Just pushed through, low push was hard

    50 Russian twists unbroken
    Accumulate 1:30min in OHS unbroken

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