Warm up.
burgener warm up x 2 pvc
with barbell 1x

10 broad jumps
15 kbs (light)
7 burpees

EMOM :30 seconds for 5 minutes
Halting Snatch Deadlift 80% of 1RM
(pause below/above knee and position one.
focus on hips and shoulders rising at the same time. NO STRIPPER DL)

Pocket Power Snatch + above the knee+ full snatch + OHS
stay between 60-70%

practice hollow rocks (6 min)
practice muscle up turn transitions.
Jeremy- practice strict MU from the ground.

4 rounds
run 400m 20#
20 box jumps 24″
5 deadlifts 185#

30 over head walking lunges
45# barbell


One thought on “10/19/15

  1. Snatch deadlifts were a little challenging with pause and having to get ready again so quickly.. Weight at 170

    EMOM was really challenging, most challenging part was full snatch. Weight at 135 lbs

    19:20 box jumps sucked the most, so hard I wanted to cry

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